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Originally Posted by wpoll View Post
The 41AA code pointed to the Charge Pressure Sensor on the intake manifold - but lots of other issues can cause this to appear faulty. In your case, sounds like it might be the issue. time will tell.

It's not ISTA D that has the various fault memory locations - they are in the car itself. Different software applications (ISTA D, INPA, DIS, PASoft etc.) present the codes locations and values in slightly different ways and reading them etc. often requires some degree of interpretation.
Hi wpoll, sadly we don't have a lot of proffesionals here in my country . That's why i always try to get some information online. I have seen different threads on different forums that peoples have replaced turbochargers,intake manifold, all vacum pipes , pressure converters , egr , and a lot more and the issue was still there.

In my case this code appeared when i took the DPF OFF the ECU. I sent the turbo for a check becouse i thought that was the issue but after doing all the required fixes on the turbocharger + replacing the turbo module i thought it was back to normal but NO , the car was the same .. low on power

This guy who works with ECU's , transmission modules and basically everything that is electronic had the latest version of Launch Diagnostics that was able to read all this kind of memories it even showed EGR issues stored on the car memory....

He then told me if the values of MAP,MAF, EGR were reset , i told him no so he runned a adaption on them or something like that. the car was really weird at first but it started gaining it's power again ...

He does custom ECU's and told me if the error appears again maybe it's becouse of bad MAP , but normally only a. DPF removal should not trigger such error

This error is a nightmare
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