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HELP! I'm totally confused about what to do with my headlights


I have a 2003 4.6is with prod date of 3/10/03. I have Xenon lights. My drivers side lens has now somehow separated from the projector body. Found out as I took it to a carwash and the lens got a bunch of water vapor inside after I was done.

My quandary is what to do here. I think I'd like to update the look a bit with some angel eyes but all the posts here have me so confused on what I would need to do that I am raising the white flag for help.

Can someone please articulate what my options are?

Thanks everyone...I know it sounds lame but I'm out of my element on this one.

-Mike G in Palm Springs
2003 E53 4.6is, titanium silver, black Nappa interior
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