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Originally Posted by wpoll View Post
The number of ports varies from version to version (3, 4 or 5 ports). but it makes little difference - all the ports on the vacuum manifold are at the same vacumm level.

My M57TU has only 3 ports also (can't remember exactly though): -

1. Turbo Boost Vacuum Reservoir (then to Turbo Boost Pressure Converter)
2. EGR Pressure Converter
3. Engine Mount Pressure Converter

Pretty sure I don't have any vacuum line feeding anything on the intake manifold (swirl flap control etc.?)
So strange , they told me they have different vacumm level. Maybe becouse the first pipe was broken and it had glue on it , the glue might have gotten inside and block the line or maybe it was leaking vacum.
Mine has a line that feeds the intake manifold to open swirl flap
This is the old picture with the old vacum line :
This is the new one :

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