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Originally Posted by haigha View Post
My mechanic friend is recovering from surgery so time to try it alone.

I've read several threads here including the one below on the procedure and another long one on the Motive bleeder. I also watched some YouTube videos on the procedure. Seems straightforward.

It has been over four years since the last flush. I know the fact that it's less than four thousand miles ago is not an excuse. Would have done it last year if not for the pandemic and my friend's health problems. In good news, the brake pedal still works well and feels normal.

Because it has been too long, I plan to use the Foxwell 620 pro to clear the ABS fluid first. So I think I'll have all four corners on jack stands, to avoid lifting each wheel twice.
My questions arose because a few people said that instead of filling the bleeder, they filled the X5 brake fluid reservoir, depressurizing after each wheel and re-filling the reservoir. I like the idea of not having to clean the pressure bleeder when done.

Q1. Is there enough in a full X5 reservoir to do the ABS flush procedure on all four wheels? From the videos I watched that part doesn't seem to eject much fluid per wheel. I do not think it needs the pressure bleeder attached for this one, so it'll be easy to check after each wheel, just curious to hear from someone who has done it.

No, a complete flush takes about 1 liter of fluid

Q2. It didn't seem like the engine was running when doing the ABS bleed. It is that right?

No need to have the engine running however I strongly suggest you have a battery charger hooked up while you're triggering the ABS pump as it can draw down the battery fairly quickly.

Q3. When filling the reservoir with fluid for each wheel, do you fill it beyond the maximum fill line, or is filling it to that level enough for one wheel? I know I'll have to depressurize, re-fill and check for pressure leaks after each wheel. That seems like it'll only take a few minutes per wheel.

I filled it beyond the MAX line because you're going to be draining fluid anyway so it might give you a few extra pumps before you have to refill it. If once you're done the fluid level is too high then you can suck some out easily.

I plan to use this Bosch ESI6 fluid which is DOT 5.1, 4 and 3 compatible. A key advantage is it lasts for three years instead of the two specified for most DOT 4 fluids. Currently ~$12.50 per quart on Amazon:
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