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Cool Hey o2bad455, how do you like it?

Originally Posted by o2bad455 View Post
We've been so impressed with the handling of our E53 X5 SAV versus all our previous SUVs, that we decided to try an E83 X3 SAV.
I have both, an fully loaded E53 and an E83 outfitted exactly like yours except for the aero package. My wife drives the E53 and I drive the E83. I really like the styling of the E53 a lot better than the E83, but I drive the E83 because it handles like a much lighter and smaller car than the E53. We use the E53 for highway cruising and the E83 around town. Do you notice the difference in handling? My E53 has the sport suspension option with air springs all around. I don't know if it is the air suspension, but the E53 feels more like it is floating down the road. Mind you it does handle at its limit better that any other SUV I've owned (more than a few) except for the E83. I love both cars for different reasons.

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