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Originally Posted by haigha View Post
Awesome trip, Prop! Thanks for sharing your experiences. The pictures bring them to life
You're all welcome. Thanks for being the kind of community where I and others can feel so welcome to share.

One of the best things about being at the Perf Center is the attention to detail they put into the little things. I walked out on her last day to find the B(M&M)W's all lined up just so. Our host said they like to arrange the colors this way and even do different sets for holidays.. Black, orange and white for Halloween, Red, White and Blue for July 4th, etc. I was reminded of our time there so long ago. Could you imagine walking ANYwhere and seeing THIS scene today? (Oh, and don't laugh. Digital cameras were all the new found rage in 2002. These pics are small for a reason.

Today was a 'normal' day so they just made pretty look more pretty...
My daughter made a friend with the other female in the group. I mentioned her dad and I got along well, too.
On the last day of the 2 day course, they saddle up in a number of different cars. It's brilliant, really. Let the customers send their children- future BMW owners- around the course in all different kinds of Bimmers. The best part? Have your customer *pay* for the experience! And yet we do. So gladly... For *this* smile... And oh yeah.. the defensive driving part. That too.
Parents do not ride along with kids and signs warn about being in the paddock. Be aware that access here is an invitation, not a foregone conclusion. Make yourself a polite partner in the experience and the good folks here will offer their graces when they can. I don't know what it's like if someone is an ass about things. That's just not my approach. I have found the flies and honey approach most effective. To wit, the invitation for the factory tour complete with a drive over to the plant in an Individual X5.

I didn't get invited to do the full X5 off road course, but I'd done it before in an E70. It was still fun to topple the brief exit path and see how things have changed across 2 decades.
The huge center screen is beautiful and bright. The glass dash is delightful and detailed. I am betting that there's a reason they don't ask us to parallel park these huge things. It's easy to forget how big it is behind the wheel. Like an M5, nothing that big should be so nimble. And yet.. they each snort like a monster pissed about its cage.

And so it was finally time to go. We arranged dinner in Greenville with our new friends and really enjoyed the conversation, milkshakes, and camaraderie. We were both anxious to extend welcomes to our home cities. I expect I will make a trip to Vail for another bicycle experience. Metal and cadaver bits in my knees will keep me off the slopes. But good people are their own reward. I sure hope we meet again when it's time for more classes or before. The people here amplify the fun of the cars.
I mentioned that we were then set off in a last minute invite to the South Carolina coast. We loaded up the bike on the BMW carrier and toddled off to the unknown. We'd never spent time here, and it has been glorious. Edisto Beach has maybe 6 places to eat (2 on Monday's) and a bit fewer places to drink. Cheap beer is not cheap on an island 60 miles from the nearest Costco. But a few bucks is plenty to enjoy the function and form of the beach rider's choice. This from the bait and tackle shop just a 1/4 mile up the road. Something ab buying beer at a bait and tackle shop makes me enjoy it more. And I don't even fish.

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