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My final post from Edisto Beach comes at the welcome relaxation derived from hauling bicycles 1/2 way across the country on the back of an E53. I've always said the 3.0 and 4.8is V8's are great city cruisers and I believe they still are. I still think that same peppy i6 my wife drove for nearly 20 years is one of the smoothest motors BMW has ever put out- on any chassis. But there is *just something* about running down those Carolina left-lane bandits with bikes, family, and weeks of luggage in tow. I ran a number of folks down who took some exception to being passed on the right- after they refused to yield. It MUST be embarrassing for them when passed with bikes hanging off the back. Jackasses to the one.

We connected with my 1st ever college roommate and his bride who was my fraternal 'Big Sister' 30 years ago. Just down the road a piece is Savannah, GA. What's a 90 minute roll out in an E53? Nothin. That's what. Herein was the namesake of Savannah's founder and that of our small college up the road in Atlanta.
But the stay on an island with less than 7 miles of pavement comes with its own speed. I top out at about 17mph on this thing, but then, I don't have any real place to be...
We've arrived at the end of Spring Break for most folks, so the time here is gloriously absent a crowd. I don't mind a crowd, really. But it is nice to have clear paths absent the same idiots who can't find the correct lane on the highway.
Riding on the beach is impossible in some places and awesome in others. The mirror of this experience with life is not lost as waves crash a few feet away. Neither does the siren's song of the fat bike- perfect for sand and yet beyond my reach so far. We'll get there. Hopefully before the big bills from college arrive. For now, the bike on which I've upgraded both the drivetrain (1x12/oval chainring for those interested) and the wheels and disc brakes (cause, obs) is the perfect little transportable commuter. I don't normally drink caffeine except on vacation. This trip's black coffee binge set itself in motion at the BMW center. It continues.
The best part about hauling your own is the same as the best part about driving your own. Just a few miles up the road is a state park with some short trails of historical interest. One of the more fun points along the trail is- as best historians can tell- a ginormous trash heap for all kinds of shells from animals the ancients ate. I find my self bemused at the thought of those huge landfills around the country and what significance, mysteries, and realizations will be told from them to generations beyond ours. Clearly, a deserted trail allows the mind to wander. Deserted indeed..
Pro tip:

Should you find the perfect pier for a shot, be judicious in your placement. A gust of wind shot across and shifted my ride away towards the water on the camera's click. I was worried I would have to either swim or walk home. The water was far from clear enough not to accept my time there as anything less than a terrible lesson.
Guard rails needed. Like I said: Riding parallels life. This trip so far has been no exception. when the wind blows you too close to danger, find yourself a spot with guardrails. It's a much more relaxing memory.
Tomorrow, we're off to the thriving metropolis of Charleston, SC. We will stay there as we did for my sister's wedding many years ago. There it was that my tiny lil wifey discovered the mint julep. (And her 1st real hangover) We're both anxious to reunite with the historic hotel bar there and of course, the hangover-inciting freshly minted bourbon. I'll drop them for a plane ride home on Thursday while I take off to visit family in Florida. It's been much too long since any of us have been able to move so freely. I'm taking full advantage before the new role starts in May. More on that as we load up the E53 and roll on to the next stop. See you fellas soon.
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