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As I am researching all things towing regarding the X5 and the probable Sanger V237 boat purchase I wanted to get an updated weight of the X5. Notable changes since I weighed it last are the Brembo BBK and Camaro ZL1 wheels + tires.

With a full tank of fuel, no driver, and no cargo the X5 came in at 5,100lbs.

I removed all the "essential" cargo that is stored under the floor and I lug around on a daily basis. All this stuff came in at ~70lbs. Much more useful than the 100lbs of folded 3rd row seat it replaced.
1. Rear seat protector for the pups
2. Shopping Bags
3. Emergency roadside kit I made with hand tools, sockets, tire plug, air compressor, and emergency First Aid kit
4. Microfiber towels
5. OEM BMW Diesel specific (unlocking) funnel
6. Glass Cleaner & Quick Detailer
7. Changing poncho (For MTB)
8. Small changing mat (MTB)
9. Emergency kit for the pups
10. Mobile Car Jumper / Emergency Battery
11. DC-AC inverter
12. High strength towing straps
13. Fox seat protector
14. 1,000 Ratchet Straps x8
15. Hitch ball, hitch locks, and OEM cargo rail eyelets
16. Manual
17. Jumper Cables
18. Extra Oil
19. Shop Towels
20. Gallon of water
21. Tire pressure gauge
22. LED illuminated frisbees, not 1 but 2!
23. Samsung tablet + OTG usb + K+DCAN
24. USB charging Flashlight
25. Seatbelt security straps
27. Ice scraper
28. Bike lock cable

Elastic on K&N dry charger failed and I will be trying to get a replacement.

I wanted more light in the cargo area of the X5 so I added some OEM-style LED puddle lights to the D pillars. The bezel which once housed the 3rd row seat belts made for a great location to mount the lights. Tapped into the OEM wiring for the tailgate light which was conveniently located right behind the passenger D pillar.

Here is the end product. Exposure is locked for both photos. Very happy with the result.

Here are a couple random recent photos.

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