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This is mainly a picture update but there are some exciting things on the horizon. The pile of X5D parts in the garage is growing. The X5 will have some substantial towing duties in the not-so-distant future when a boat comes into the picture so I am collecting a few additional mods/maintenance items to make this a well sorted towing beast.

Sutphin Torque Converter
Suspension control arms, bushings, etc. F/R
Eibach springs F
Arnott air bags R
Koni FSD struts F/R
PPE high capacity transmission oil pan

In search of a better ride quality from what my H&Rs offer I had Eibach springs on hand and with the current 20% off promotion for the Konis I figured this was the time to give them a shot. I patiently waited to see if I could find a deal on KW V3s but that never happened so Eibach + Koni FSD seems like the best option.

The trans will get a big overhaul with the upgraded torque converter (thinking about the upgraded valve body too) the high capacity PPE pan will need a custom solution to connect the replaceable filter to the OEM oil pick up. IN addition to holding more fluid the pan has a bung for a temp sensor which is AWESOME because I can wire that directly to my P3 vent gauge and I can monitor live trans temps. If needed I can plumb in an additional trans cooler to regulate temps, The logical choice is to mount a radiator under the passenger headlight to mirror the driver side.

Any-who, exciting stuff. Preventative maintenance gets me all fired up.

Here are some pics from a recent trip to Flagstaff and Sedona AZ.
Funny back story, my in-laws used to own a Toyota Highlander, a Toyota 4Runner, and a Porsche Cayenne and now (they say, it's me fault they sold all those and now have a 2020 X7 xdrive40i and 2021 X5 xdrive45e.

Both are awesome but the X5 is particularly impressive, although smaller the X5 has 300lbs of added weight and the same air suspension system which makes for an unbelievable ride quality, it's better than the X7. Add in the ability to run it in all electric mode which makes it deafly silent and it's a really impressive ride. I am a huge fan of the vehicle but I feel BMW did an injustice by limiting the electric range in the US market to 30miles, in the Eu they get 50miles. The charging rate is also PAINFULLY slow, for a full charge on the US model it takes ~24 hours. Bump the range up to 50 miles and reduce charge to 12 hours and it's a slam dunk.

If you look at all the fuel economy data on Fuelly for the 45e the tank average for all owners is 41mpg, not bad for a 5,600 vehicle with 390hp and 443tq

Averaging 26mpg highway @70mph with the cargo box and bike, not bad, not great.

Some mild but rough off-roading to arrive at the Schnebly Hill Overlook. The taller 45 aspect tires were very welcomed on the terrain but 40psi tire pressure and H&R springs were far from ideal.

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