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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
I was praying man! In my mind I was like, EOD has been mia. It just didnít feel right. Glad to know youíre back up! Take it easy brother! Get well ASAP!

I got jokes for the Witch, but may be another time.
Thanks Happy

Weirdest thing was that I actually ended up with a rose colored view of the world because of coughing hard enough ruptured the blood vessels in my right eye and partially detached my retina. Works out well for an old troop who is mostly deaf on the left and now needing a monocle on the right [emoji1787]

I was very impressed that my wife didn't kill me for putting off the ER. [emoji848]

I spent time in the tub to cool off but when blood sprayed the bathroom wall during a coughing fit (which also did NOT impress the wife)[emoji1787]

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