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The X5 had a big weekend under the wrench!

✅ Oil and filter change
✅ K&N filter cleaned, oiled, and new dry charger
✅ Eibach front springs
✅ Arnott bags
✅ Koni Active sturts
✅ Control arms, wishbone, ball joints, and integral links
✅ Revised vehicle coding
✅ Exterior washed and leather seats/SW cleaned
✅ New aftermarket flares which are shitty but not as shitty as the last set.

It started with a wash

Some of the suspension goodies.

Nothing beats a good driveway for wrenching

H&R vs Eibach are almost identical in length, H&R looks to be slightly thicker and also has an additional 1/2 coil

Fronts installed

Oil change. Hopping on the FCP lifetime oil train.

You can see how long the stanchions are on the Konis, Konis have 6" of travel and the old KYBs only had 3".

With my non-rear air strut mounts and custom spacers it was easy to accommodate the Konis (which are not listed as fitting a X5 w/ 3rd row), simply remove the spacer. The Konis are compressed just over 3" at static ride height which means there is just under 3" of travel to play with.

Took the opportunity to clean the wheels

Rear buttoned up. I wasn't able to get the ball joints done but I have the proper tool on the way.

Option 1: replace air bags BEFORE they fail
Option 2: Neglect your airbags and when they fail quickly go to the internet and complain, followed by possibly making a bad situation worse and converting the bags to springs.
I chose #1


K&N before

After cleaning and oil, better but not perfect.

Time to get dirty

Bonus! I am a sucker for unique mods and especially OEM retrofits so this project is very exciting. What you are looking at is a 3.15 electronic LSD from a 20,000 mile X6, F85 X5M flanges and axles, ICM and QMVH modules. Once the flanges are swapped the diff is essentially the same unit found on the F85 X5M. My research tells me I should have success integrating this system into my E70 which is very exciting but it won't come without some work. More to come.
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