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Originally Posted by cn90 View Post
Update re smog test...

So E46 2003 325i with 100K with this CCV mod in San Jose CA.
I installed the beauty cover on top of the fuel rail.

- First shop is somewhat familiar with BMW. Checked error codes: none.
Opened the hood: saw the CCV Mod, decided to fail me and said it cost some $700
to install the stock CCV...Guys were smoking something, I said no

- Second shop (mostly Japanese cars). Checked error codes: none.
Used another fancier computer (another level above the basic OBD-II readers): no codes.
Never checked the tailpipe emission. He said tailpipe testing for pollutants such as NOx and CO etc. is for cars before OBD-II, such as cars before 1996 or so.
Opened the hood: did a quick visual check.
Passed with flying colors, zero codes.

The Smog station has a special computer that sends data directly to California DMV computers.
$700 to replace the CCV? Ridiculous.
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