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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post

Looking at the Dinan bar missing hurts me but I am looking for someone to weld the mounting eyelet back on the threaded shaft as it broke on the passenger side. I contacted Dinan... it is of course NLA. I've had it welded once but hit a particularly big pothole awhile ago that I think broke the weld. Or it could just happen over time... who knows. Wish I could get a replacement mounting eyelet.
Photos? I'm pretty sure I could fix that without welding just normal workshop tools.

Sounds like you need something like a spade bolt something that is not difficult to fabricate and stronger than an eye welded to threaded rod. Something you can. Just buy in certain sizes and easy enough to fabricate in any size.

An example spade bolt. I use them for a few different projects: one example is holding a handrail to the wall. 3/8 spade though a 3/8 ID aluminum tube. Tighten the bejesus out of it and have maybe 1800# of preload so the handrail is the stiffest you've ever seen. (this way I can get away with minimal finger smashing zones) it feels like welded metal handrail when mounted to studs.

My brother also runs a machine shop. Get me some exact sizes I'm pretty sure one way or another we can get that fixed for you.
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