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Originally Posted by Overboost View Post
275 psi looks real high on the high side. I thought that should be 175 psi
Mine sits at 35 low and 175 high
Wow, that's low. Unless ambient temp is 70 degrees or so. It like to do service between 85-95 F. My non variable compressor vehicles blow A/C at 42 F! I do my own A/C work. I can get my '00 Ram to 39-40 F on a good warm day going down the road.

The X5 had good low pressure. It was close to 48 PSI. It sucked in R134 really fast. I had to turn off the valve quickly. It used less than 1/4 can. It was enough to start blowing cold air within seconds of starting up. It was taking a few minutes to blow cold unless you took off driving down the street ASAP. It was 90 degrees so low side 45-55 PSI low - 250-270 PSI high side is max range for R134. As pressure increased, fan speed also increased. Another 5 F degrees ambient temp would add another 5 PSI to low side and 25 PSI range to the high side.

What pressure really tells you is system work conditions. Good suction, good pressure, and overall condition.
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