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Good times continue for the X5D.

It looks like the axle-back exhaust will need to be reworked after the F85 differential is fitted.

New pano roof weather stripping. Unlike my 08' E61 it looks like the 12' X5 came with the updated version but it still shows 9+ years of use.

Plasti Dip on the front/rear bumper trim was refreshed since it was showing wear after a couple years of use.

Resolved an annoying vibration caused by contact between the rear dust shield and caliper brackets, can't believe I didn't catch this during the original install...

With the proper tool I was able to complete the suspension refresh and install new rear ball joints.

Here is a picture of me installing the ball joint INCORRECTLY.. lol :lol:

Accessing air compressor to refresh the silica gel that filters the exhaust air.

Tryin to repair an issue of the sun-partitions being disconnected and rattling. At first I thought I fixed it, then I broke it, then got it repaired even though it should still be broken. More on this later. What a pain.

Upgraded Torque converter install time!

Although the trans fluid only had a few thousand miles on it, with the converter getting fresh fluid I took the opportunity to flush the trans again to clear out as much old fluid as possible. Glad I did! New trans cooler o-rings too.

Oil around in the downpipe, rugh rogh.

Driveshaft refreshed with new CSB and guibo

New OEM windshield. For the record I have worked with Safelite two times for the E70 and E61 and have had a great experience with their install techs.

New OEM engine mounts. These made a HUGE difference in cabin NVH, especially at idle.

Splash shields cleaned again after being coated with front diff oil and red dirt from Arizona.

New tool to install transmission/transfer case mount

Out with the old

In with the new

I had the rear diff pulled and F85 axles installed as I was anticipating to install the F85 diff. I was having troubles removing the output flanges so I outsourced it to a local shop and I was expecting them to have success in a day or so but after a week and even having a local BMW foreman come out they were unable to complete the job. But here is a pic of the X5 patiently waiting ...for nothing. lol

It's a bit comforting when I get stumped, I outsource to a competent shop, and they also get stumped, it doesn't help with progress but it's nice to know I wasn't way off track. After waiting and wasting a week, we had a road trip to Arizona planned so I reverted to the basic diff.

I took matters back into my own hands and ordered a 5.5lb slide hammer. The hammer itself wasn't enough and I needed to tap/hammer in a couple wedge steaks to put the flange under tension and then with 3-5 big boy hammers the flange finally released.

The retaining clip did it's job almost too well...

X6 vs F85 output flanges

E70 X5D axle vs F85 X5M axle

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