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Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
Let's start slowly....

As I originally asked you.

What about these laws are SPECIFICALLY suppressing voters?
So far you refuse to answer.

The comments on tv and the web to include this site have most vaccinated people making some or both variations of the examples I used not to mention pushing for the vaccine to be mandatory or at least rules changed to make it so unvaccinated people couldn't shop, work and have some sort of "papers" showing proof of vaccination AKA medical data violating HIPAA.

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Google them yourself. I'm not making their case for you. Do your own due diligence.

The trend of increasing voter suppression laws that are popping up all over the country is a sign of GOP trying their hardest to swing the voting process in their favor. They've been doing that for decades. This is simply another push to tip the scale to their favor.

Why? It's not hard to figure out. Democrats have consistently out voted Republicans for the last few presidential elections. Each time the gap increases. Al Gore won popular vote by 500,000 votes. Hillary won PV by 2.9 million. And Biden won by a whopping 7 million votes, and his victory is being tauted by Trump as a lie.

Laughable, really. What's the point of casting votes if the losing side could just raise insurrection and try to take over the government because he's not happy with the result?

Anyway, the strategy is for the Republicans to make it easier for their constituents to vote, while making it harder for the democrats to cast their ballots.

No conspiracy here. It's just political strategy to gain competitive advantage.

It's old news. You either believe it or dont. I'm not here to do the work for you.

That been said, I'm not saying the democrats won't mess with the voting process just to make it easier for their constituents to cast their ballots.

At the end of day it's power grab between 2 of the major political parties in this country. Each trying to maintain a competitive edge in order to win the next election.

I remain suspicious of any and all new efforts to try and make the voting process more safe, more accessable, or more fair. Regardless of which party brings up the new laws.

This country has been a democratic country for more than 200 years. It boggles the mind that to this day we're still actively trying to "improve" the balloting process.
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