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Originally Posted by crystalworks View Post
Yes, I do believe some of the Harris County efforts to be good steps toward allowing voters access to the polls. 24 hour voting in particular. Though it obviously drastically increases the cost of elections to add these other procedures.
Originally Posted by EODguy View Post
So out of all the steps listed that Harris county did or tried to do, the only one you think was good was the 24hr voting and it should be kept?
No, as bolded in my post. I thought drive through voting was a good idea that could be improved upon. Generally, I'm in favor of any measure that increases access to the polls for legitimate voters. Whether that be through increased hours or different procedures giving more access to voters. So long as the same ID verification and eligibility requirements are in place as those for traditional voting I think expanding access is a good thing.

Hell, I'd be in favor of web voting through a portal if I thought there was a chance in hell it could be secure enough and verifications accurate enough to match traditional polling procedures.

I absolutely want to protect the integrity of the election process, as I'm sure you do. But some of the language in the bill(s) here in Texas is written to stop the expansion of any new procedure(s) that might make a difference in more closely contested voting districts. Republicans were always going to lose Harris County. I don't care if the expanded procedures helps Democrats or Republicans... just that more verified eligible voters are able to have choices and access when it comes to the polls. Standing in line for hours at the polls in 2020 just sounds like we're doing something wrong. Even during early voting it took me 45 minutes.

But, at the end of the day, maybe it doesn't matter. I think more and more voters from the middle are getting fed up with the back and forth bickering and animosity. I'm not sure how many more national elections I'm going to care about, nothing changes, blue or red, the status quo is maintained by all the corporate money flowing into the campaign process. I may just participate in local elections at some point once frustration levels reach peak "what the f*ck!"
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