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Intake Question

I'm hopeful someone can point me in the right direction regarding M62 intake options. I've read a fair amount on the inter-web, but am still confused.

I have a new long block 4.6 that will need an intake set-up (among other things). Since I'm planning on running my 4.4 DME with a slight retune from DUDMD to take advantage of the 4.6, but not have to swap diffs, torque converter, etc., my initial thought is/was to simply swap over the intake from my 4.4 (pn 1161145361), along with the rails, injectors, wiring, etc. onto my 4.6. In order to limit my time on the shared lift that I can use I considered grabbing a (virtually) complete intake setup from EBay, R/R the wear items and have the valley and intake already built up. 4.4 intakes in various stats of assembly are dirt cheap on EBay.

A stop on RealOEM to see what consumables, o-rings, etc. I needed to order has completely confused me however. In short, Real OEM lists intake part number 11611729528 (from 1991) for the 4.6, which I think must be the freer breathing (pre x5) M60 motor intake. However, this intake was "superseded" by 11611435361 in 1998 which is "non-exchangeable retroactively". Checking the xxx5361 part number shows that it is the intake for the 4.4 motor, but the 4.6 motor isn't listed as one that it was put on. This seems odd...or maybe I don't understand what "non-exchangeable retroactively" and "superseded by" means.

My thinking is that the 4.6 will run just fine with the 4.4 intake, assuming all the bolt holes, etc. line up, and this will be the cleanest, simplest thing to do. I also think that this intake must have come on the 4.6 motor, but Real OEM just isn't displaying that fact.

On the other hand, the larger M60 (4.6 part number) intake is only slightly more expensive on Ebay and could be an easy win for a few more HP. I do suspect that the CCV set up for the xxx361 intake is different (no vent pipe in the manifold), but I've read on the forums that the newer CCV set up will bolt up.

Thanks for any and all advice.
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