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Originally Posted by workingonit View Post
...she's probably not going to do it, anyway. At least in my experience, over the past 28 years with this garage, and wife!

1993-1998: With three garage bays available (one with a single, manual door, the other two sharing a double door) I took the single for my project car (Chevelle,in '94), or back-up, and the daily drivers went in the double door side (the one closest to the side door/house was my wife's. My single door was very narrow, but it was OK for me to use, and I parked my S-10 DD next to it. My wife had trouble getting into the best spot, even using bumpers, hanging tennis balls, even inflated cushions to keep her from bumping, scraping her K-car against the tool boxes and workbenches in the garage (no piles of junk, parts, and antiques that came later).

1999-2002: Cars and trucks came and went, with trucks relegated to outside the garage, her beloved Fiero resided there (running or not) with mirrors regularly knocked-off moving in-out of her space, and the Chevelle moved into the double stall, for easier access & more workspace.

2003-2007: Chevelle became race-only, kept its' spot, and the Fiero was moved to the project slot (she didn't watch the oil pressure go away). Quad4 Olds became a DD for her.

2008-2017: Quit racing in 2008, Chevelle stayed in garage, Fiero came out to be replaced with home-built squareback trailer in 2011, Olds in the back 40, along with 2-3 trucks in the parking paddock; her new Cobalt arrived in 2008, getting the third garage spot.

2017-2021: the Chevelle & trailer stayed, as did the Cobalt, until 2017 when the Cobalt was replaced with my wife's excess junk/antiques stored there, after we replaced the old house with another, smaller one in 2017. The Chevelle left for a new life in 2021, leaving zero cars in the 3-car garage (she immediately moved in more junk).

At least, there'll be no more car damage incurred in the garage, as all our cars/trucks/ 2 of 3 trailers aren't crowded into it, anymore. And I still haven't made up my mind whether she ever gets to drive the X5, at all. She's had some parking incidents while shopping, and can't back up for sh.....

Sounds expertly managed, at least!
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