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Originally Posted by guntherrex View Post
Hey All,

Figured I'd open a seperate thread to keep info a bit more central, I've been enjoying this forum a lot and since I own a 4.6IS from 2002 I seem to need a lot about fixing the damn thing

I went to the states last week and decided to get a foxwell NT510 elite because the generic scanner I have doesn't give a lot of info, definitely confirmed after hooking up the foxwell hahaha!

Anyway, currently I have an issue where my blinkers work but the inside arrows or the sound do not work anymore. Reading on here it seems my roof window drain might leak onto the LCM , which seems to explain the symptoms (found a youtube video with very similar symptoms)

so here's where I run into my limitations, maybe you guys have some advice:

- I can't seem to get the fault code log from the NT510 to the computer. I installed the program and (I think) I saved the fault code log under a specific name, but I can't seem to find it. Anyone have experience with this?

- I am looking for a seconhand LCM unit, it seems there are a lot that look the same. In the parts diagram I can see three part numbers; 6135696114(0/1/2). I have xenon lights that have automatic height adjustment, but i'm not sure that's adaptive? (guess I can start taking it out as well )
I had the same issue with the turn signals not showing in the instrument cluster or making the sound but the turn signal bulbs were flashing. Turned out to be my LCM due to slight water damage, previous owner left the front right drain tube disconnected (beneath the pillar trim piece) so water would leak onto the LCM below. Threw a used LCM in off ebay, fixed. Still haven't code matched it to vehicle yet but everything works.

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