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Replaced AWD Module, shift issue.


Car is an 08 X5 3.0

Quick history. Sun roof drain disconnected and flooded the rear of the car, standing water at the battery. AWD errors as water was splashing on the module. Fixed that and dried things out. Issue gone for 5 months. Then AWD issues came back intermittently. Finally diagnosed it as the module itself and ordered a used replacement on eBay. All errors are gone now.

So now that I have "fixed" it, I have another issue which I think is a result.

Most noticeable is that downshifts to 1st gear are rough, but also upshifts from 1st to 2nd arent the nicest. You slow down to a stop and at like 1or 2 mph it down shifts and its not really pleasant. I am thinking I probably need to recode it, or something like that.

I only replaced the module yesterday, and these issues were immediately after replacement.

-Replaced AWD module with a used unit
-Rough downshift to 1st, and upshift from 1st
-I have INPA/NCSExpert software

Any help would be much appreciated.

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