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Originally Posted by smassey321 View Post
Can you feel the 1-2 2-1 shift when you shift manually while stopped? If so, it is probably the solenoids in the transmission.

The vehicle only has 86k miles, but I did test this, and it was smooth, almost could not tell it was shifting.

Originally Posted by ard View Post
Did that module need coding/reseting?

This I do not know. Clearly being an identical part number and version number the hardware is the same, and the manufacturer date was only 3 months newer and being pulled from a 3.0si of the a similar year, I imagine the programming is good... but not necessarily any adaptations.

I did do a transmission adaptations reset. And I cleared the codes on the VTG and Parking brake. None came back immediately. Ill drive it again later today and check again.

But that said, the shifting is definitely better. Less noticeable, but still there. Im honestly thinking its something to do with the timing between the clutch solenoids firing in the Transfer case and transmission shifting.
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