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I would agree that studless snow tires are great to run for about 9 months out of the year. I like the fact that they don't need to be changed at a particular date like studded tires do, and I typically put them on early or run them late, depending on how much time I have. In fact, road test data shows that they are usually significantly stickier than all-seasons in rainy conditions, and even in dry weather as long as the temperatures are not hot. But in the summer they definitely do not grip as well as a normal all-season. All the data I have seen is that they are a liability in hot/dry conditions. Unfortunately there is limited tire test data out there for this sort of comparison, but the data I have seen it is a significant drop-off in grip. I admit I have not driven on mine in hot weather other than a handful of times, but when I did I could tell they felt greasy in those conditions and I could tell it was time to change tires.

Edmunds, for example, did a tire test and found their studless tires took 155 feet to stop from 60mph, compared to 131 feet for their all-season and 120 feet for the summer tires they had tested. I don't know what tires you are running, Andrew, but I definitely hope that others think twice before they take your recommendation.
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