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Great thread.

Wanted to add how to get the bearing from the rear output shaft out. Thought we were going to see it in this post quoted below but it didn't go that far. In fact I couldn't find anyone showing that on the web so here is some info.

To get the ring gear assembly out of the case, remove the output flange as shown in the quoted post below. Then the oil seal, under the oil seal is a snap ring on the shaft that has to be removed. Then press it out by pressing the shaft what would be forward when installed in the car. The bearing will be left in the case and is retained by a retaining ring (first picture I added which is looking from the inside out, Can make out the 2nd snap ring if you look hard). This retaining ring isn't in the bearings retaining ring groove but is a retaining ring that sits behind the bearing. To remove the bearing from the case it is simply remove the retaining ring and press it out (pressing same direction as the ring gear assembly). Voila.

Big thing is to remove oil seal and the snap ring that is under it, from the shaft before pressing it out. After that is is pretty obvious.

Yah my transfer case is really gunky inside. It has 184,000 miles and fluid was probably never changed. But still seems dirtier than I expected. Therefore changing all the ball bearings and the chain.


Originally Posted by dville View Post
Borrowed a deep 36mm socket from a friend.

Got off the nut from the flange, then used a 3 jaw puller to get the flange off

Case is still together very tight, so I got out my favorite Harbor Freight tool, the gear puller set:

The rod threads fit perfectly into the threads in the case

Finally, after being ever so gentle with it, I heard a slight pop sound....

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