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Originally Posted by Fifty150hs View Post
1" drop isn't enough to require adjustable control arms, but it's on the edge. Have you checked to see if your springs settled some more after having the hell beat out of them?
That's one thing I'm trying to figure out. How do I tell the springs settled more? The spring pads are pretty thin (#13&14), so I wouldn't think they would squish anymore. Is this just the springs compressing more as denoted them "settled in?"

Originally Posted by nick325xit 5spd View Post
I would not expect the rear subframe bushings to cause a camber issue, but if you notice wear on them, I would not pay for an alignment without replacing them.

Did you inspect the springs for broken coils?
I can see the rubber looks to be severely cracked on the bushes--especially the rear ones next to the exhaust mufflers.

It is a little hard to get a good look, but I looked at the springs and I didn't see any of the coils looking broke.
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