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Originally Posted by Corellian Corvette View Post
Just a question - you have the diamond key, right? How did you "change the battery" in that key since it's not serviceable? That's the first part that has me stumped.

Second - if you have someone that can get a rod inside the car, you don't need to hold the lock button to unlock the car - just pull on the handle twice (once to unlock, once to open) there is no double-handed procedure to open the door.

In fact I don't *think* the unlock button works inside the car if the car has been locked with the FOB. You just need to pull the handle twice. The alarm will go off, but should silence immediately after you insert the key and start the car.
My fob was made/programmed for me by a 3rd party (not dealer) locksmith who works on bmws regularly. When I bought the vehicle it only came with a non-fobbed key. It is a diamond shape key/fob combo that was fairly easy to pop open with a knife to the side grooves. Link to image of key/fob at bottom.

Neither of us knew about the double pull on the handle when I had the service guy come to help. That being said, when he did get a good tug on the handle, the door did not unlock. I can order a lockout kit and attempt to do it again myself.

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