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Originally Posted by Corellian Corvette View Post
Well the problem very well may be that key.

Others may have more experience but I have not heard great things about the programming of these aftermarket keys. If you replaced the battery, it's very likely it lost the programming for the locks. They system that starts the car is not the same system that controls central locking.

There is nothing special about opening the doors - pull on the handle twice. If your service guy pulled the lock up, he probably got something out of whack. Those lock rods aren't made to be pulled up by hand so likely it did nothing.

Go over to the passenger door, and just have him pull the door handle twice. First time will pull up the lock, 2nd time will open.
I replaced the battery after it was already not working. But Iíll consider that as an extra possible issue now I guess.

The guy was here way earlier in the day and from a tow company 90 miles away, I was out of town when this happened and had to get towed back home. First attempt was on the passenger side door with the rod, pulling the door handle did nothing to the lock. He only pulled up the lock using a wire vertically on the drivers side afterwards. When he removed his tools the lock fell back down.
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