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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
If the battery is still charged the process to get past double lock is to hold the central lock down and pull a door handle twice.

This will trip the alarm so be prepared to jump in and put the key in the ignition.

You can open any door this way so usually better to bend the passenger door to access the central lock and reach across to the driver door with a long rod to pull the release. (much harder to pull the bent door release)

Then: if for some reason you can't get the double lock to open, you first should try to measure the voltage of the battery (under from alternator or from trailer plug).

If you still can't get in then drill out the guild bolt from the door handle it's a far cheaper fix than destroying the lock cylinder.

It's a $10 fix to repair the lock cylinder so it doesn't just spin FYI.

Once you remove the lock cylinder (by drilling out the bolt that holds it or sawing it from the side), you will be able to open the driver door with a big screwdriver.

If the key battery died or was reeplaced that will remove the sync and will not open the door until you re-sync.
Alright thanks, Iíll order the lockout kit and try these in that order.
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