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Vibration - mostly at highway speeds


Need some advice!

My beloved 2013 X6 50i with 72k miles is giving me a hard time. The car went through the N63 recall 2 yrs ago and was sorted through and through. No issues since. However, in the past few weeks, the car vibrates quiet a bit at highway speeds. I feel like I am starting to feel it at low speeds too now but pretty much worse at 65mph. No difference with breaking (those were recently done anyway). I do feel that acceleration or going uphill makes is better. Tried cruising in N and no difference either.

I got new tires on the front (they were wearing out on the outside which I understand is common) had them do a balance and alignment. The vibration didnít go away. Took it back and they said one of the front wheels is slightly bent but nothing else including the bushings or drive shaft looked damaged. Can one supposed slightly bent wheel cause this much vibration?

They moved the front wheels to the back and of course, the vibration is still there. All 4 wheels are now balanced (but I donít believe they are road-force balanced).

So, trying to figure out what to do next. Scheduled an appointment with the dealership to see if they can diagnose. In the meantime, I am gonna do a road-force balance at Tirerack and see if that helps. Worried it could be the driveshaft.

Considering the age and mileage of the vehicle, what do you folks suggest I do?

2013 X6 50i - 72k
2013 750i M - 42k
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