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Winter vs Summer tyres on X-drive

Wife's original tires were absolutely "garbage tires" they were also "all season".

I considered getting all season for wife's 50i as she is surely going to shred the winter sport tires I just bought but I realized how often Wisconsin roads have a little film of very slippery surface coat for about 4 months and figured I can reassess getting some summer tires next spring.

I know that tires without sipes are worthless in many cases that I drive rear 'round so I only use winter tires myself.

Try to brake on a metal construction plate when it's wet with "all season tires" (or a wet stop stripe for that matter). Winter tires have perfectly ok traction in those cases, all season do not.

If I really pushed cars on twisty roads like I have in the past in my Camaro and didn't far more often drive on oily asphalt, my conclusion would likely be different.

If you stop firmly from 30 on oily road you shouldn't have abs kick on and in my car that's the case. Wife's car with decent all season definitely will abs. (for a few more days until her new snow tires are mounted).

Mine is not an one size fits all scenario but if you fit into the same group as me:.

Drive under 1000 miles/month
Drive on oily roads a lot
Can opt to NOT drive on hot days (drive at midnight when the roads cooled off in summer)
Drive on wet leaf covered roads
Willing to seek out extraordinary deals
Live higher than 43 latitude.

You may find out advantageous to find a good winter tire vs. switch back and forth (and definitely better than all season tires no matter how good they rank in their class).

Wife's current all season are a highly rated tire even in "snow traction" but they spin effortlessly when the road is damp I wouldn't trust them with frost on the road.

Back to the extraordinary deals bullet; I paid about $640 for FIVE tires that normally would sell for $1300+ for four. But it took a couple weeks of searching regularly.

In the past I've even gotten better deals but for 60% tread tires. This time brand new.

640/[email protected] is amazing for high end snow tires.

I ended up with five because the first set had three. I couldn't find an exact match with just one tire so I bought a pair. In the past I've shredded at least one tire needed a replacement and now wife's and my car will have the exact same model tire so the spare could be used on either should a tire fall victim to a pothole etc.

I don't suffer from noise/handing/wear problems.

One set I had some strange peeling of some tread blocks but it didn't affect total longevity of the tire which wore right down to the wear bars.

My tires are not as soft as blizak which I would definitely not drive on past April. I also as mentioned get to decide not to drive when the heat is on e g 100 day I'll stay home and wait for sunset and make the commute after the sun goes down or after it rains and the road is wet and I have double the traction of the guy next to me.

I'm not denigrating the optional solution of summer/winter tires but I've been spared 3-5x of having a minor bumper hit had I been on all season or summer tires due to chance I had winter tires.

(Avoiding an accident because I happened to buy car with winters on it and no budget left to get Summers). Opened my eyes to the possibility that could be beneficial long term and for me it has for sure.

(And for the minority that fit into a similar class with me, it will benefit them as well so I share my case).
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