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Originally Posted by andrewwynn View Post
Chicago roads are covered in oil. They are crazy slippery when it first rains after a dry patch.

I'll look up the current tires on wires car when I get a chance I just remembered looking up a review on and they were decently reviewed but in all season class.

The previous car when we bought had Walmart $75 tires. They were total trash.

Wife's current car is 50i. That's more critical to the relative loss of grip but the rear tires wear twice as fast as the front. They did ok six months ago only breaking traction full throttle shifts. When the ambient dropped and the tires got stiff they spin quite easily (again on her 50i).

I'm confident that won't be an issue when the snows are installed next week and I plan to take some before and after video to showcase the difference in grip.
My experience with winter tires is that it's drift city for me on a 2WD car. You have to have actual ice/snow on the ground to end up with more traction, unless the temperatures are cold. I will grant that it's cold (my definition is below 20 degrees) a heck of a lot more at your latitude than mine. At quasi normal temperatures wet or dry, I have not found any circumstance in which winter tires are better than a good all season.

And if you think Chicago roads are oily, try LA roads.

I can't live with winter tires year round. They are too loud, have too little grip, are too gooshy, and they struggle to survive my driving during the winter, much less when it's warm. We currently have one set for the 325iX, and that's honestly more snow tires than we actually need given the weather here.

Now, it's worth noting that I'm comparing only tires that I'd regard as good tires in their respective categories. I don't use crap tires. There are crap winter tires, a LOT of crap all season tires, and crap summer tires. If they're crap, I'll replace them.
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