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Great video and links - I never knew tools like that existed.

When I did the rear suspension work on my 2001 3.0i with all springs, I used an old compressor I already had. It is the same simple style that they still make, with a threaded rod with a hex on one end pulling two hooking things together. The key feature of my particular one was that it was old enough (quality steel, built for smaller lighter cars) that it would fit in the very cramped area for the E53. The threaded rod was probably about 1/2", and the hooks were small and forged. On the E53 there was barely enough room for these to fit, but they did.

Whatever compressor is used, the trick of jacking up the suspension to compress the spring and then using the compressor to just hold it in place, and maybe compress just a little more, is something to try for.
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