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Trifecta like Herpes, won’t go away?

If you have a trifecta on your X5 that just seems to not go away, read on.
I had sent my module in for repair. It came back and worked great….for 6 months. Since the module was overhauled, that certainly couldn’t be the problem. I tried several easy fixes. Clean the senders, recheck the module connections. All to no avail.
After many frustrating months with a dash full of lights, I made the call back to the overhaul facility. I explained my code “return pump fail”. They explained that when they overhauled the module that fault was never a problem. They offered to overhaul the module a second d time. I sent them the module and I’m awaiting the return of the module. I’m fully expecting that this repair should cure (hopefully for good) the trifecta.
If you are chasing a trifecta and get a “return pump fail” code, send your module in for repair.
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