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Originally Posted by RocketyMan View Post
Yeah when disconnecting the battery, I usually leave a rag in the tailgate catch to prevent the catch from locking. At any rate, you can apply power to the jump posts under the hood. HOpefully you have the hood still open, ya?

LoL - I actually tossed a pair of gloves at the hatch latch but heard a telling click while I was dealing with the glovebox and sure enough it had partially latched despite the gloves. I guess they were too thin! Ended up using a jumper pack under the hood just to get the hatch opened, but it made me think there must be a safety relaease somewhere in the trunk area that I should learn about. I could reach the trunk from the back seat, but couldn't get the tilting floor piece out of the way to reconnect the battery without re-opening the hatch.

Originally Posted by RocketyMan View Post
I still don't like that you cannot see ANY of the wheel speeds. This seems to point to the ABS (DSC) module is NOT reporting on CAN...?
Wheel speeds or tire pressures? I thought those codes were just for tire pressures... I think I mentioned it earlier but the lack of pressures is only since swapping to the winter tires. I assume they either don't have sensors or perhaps all the batteries are dead. I did have working tire pressures with our original 19" summer tires, which were still on it when this power steering issue first ocurred including for a subsequent highway drive through a blizzard where AWD worked quite well. I'll see if I can find an old pre-PS-failure scan to see if those were ever present before.

Originally Posted by RocketyMan View Post
You just reminded me. Let me take a look on my service manual for the e83 to see if there is a value for the servotronic.

Cool, thanks!
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