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Awesome! SOLVED.

Originally Posted by o2bad455 View Post
It's fixed! I replaced the pump, the reservoir, and the two lines that connect directly to the reservoir. I was able to do it all just by removing the air filter box and the cables from the alternator (after disconnecting the battery again). The old pump actually felt good, although I haven't pulled it apart to see if there's anything wrong inside. So the problem was either the pump itself, the non-replaceable filter inside the reservoir, or possibly what seems to be a one-way valve in the front line (the one with quick-connect) that comes into the reservoir.
Great news! So your suspicions of the pump itself was correct. I was thinking that if any pumping were to be happening, that the working fluid would atleast be getting warm.

I'm not too sure HOW important the "green" hydraulic fluid is in comparison to ATF. Some people say that it'll make the seals swell and start to leak. Otherwise, ATF probably would've been fine to at least troubleshoot with. There's really not too many additives in ATF and I doubt there would be that many in 11S neither. A nice VOA of 11S would be great.

I guess a couple take away's from this is that if the SVT communicates on the BUS and has no fault codes, the ABS reports rational road speed, the servotronic in the PS line should be working. I'd be curious now if you were to do you same test of measuring the working fluid temperature if it would be much warmer than last time.
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