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Oil pressure question

I got much of the top side heater plumbing hoses in, and swapped the coils over from my old motor. new performance coils would be great, but I figure I’ll save some cash and drive the ones I have to failure. Intake and harness on tomorrow or Sunday, and a final torque of the tension strut nuts at the subframe before back up on the lift.

Regarding the first start, I’m hoping someone can explain the oil plumbing to me. With no way (that I know of) to pre-oil, I am planning on connecting my inpa laptop and monitoring oil pressure in real time on start-up. However, will this realistically tell me if the important bits are getting oil? I.e. does the oil run from he pump to the block and heads and then to the filter housing (and sensor), or from the pump to the housing and then to the block and heads? The former wouldn’t be as useful as the latter for knowing if the rotating stuff is getting oil.

Also, what is a normal idle oil pressure?

Thanks all
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