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Last few days have been spent putting the X back together. The axles were absolutely the most challenging part of this exercise. Far worse than the motor swap. About 33% of the pain was self induced as i thought I ruined one, or both front axles somehow, only to find the one I pulled in perfect shape (aside from a 15 year old boot), after I cut the boots off and picked at the insides. As discussed in another post, it turns out that with the X5 fully in the air and the two axle joints fully deflected, something in one of them binds when the hub is turned to the extent that the motor rocks back and forth when they bind. Could be just an E53 thing, or just a ďmy e53Ē thing. Who knows.

I do know that when I finally exhausted every other line of reasoning and put a jack under the hub, I only had to raise it up an inch or two for the hub to rotate normally. New GKN left axle going in tomorrow. Hopefully this one and itís clip will be better behaved than the last one. Per advice here I plan on wiring brushing the hub splines and using a liberal amount of grease on them.

In the meantime I hooked up all the plumbing and reservoirs, including running my new AN lines to/from the gulf oil filter housing CSF oil cooler. I went down next to the ABS module and up the left brake cooling duct, through a hole I cut with a hole saw. I clipped a few triangles out of the plastic bumper mesh to feed the AN lines out to the cooler. Iíd hadn't worked with AN lines and connections but found them very easy to fabricate after watching a few YouTube videos. Of course I may be crying when I the oil pressure comes up on first start! I filled the cooler with oil as the housing port thermostat wonít open up until temp exceeds some preset level. Itís nice and cool now in New Orleans so I wonder if it will open up at all until our terrible summers hit, but maybe the oil coming out of the block will be hot enough to open it.

I went to two shops and neither would touch my front driveshaft. Both said no when I told them it was from a BMW. So I took some measurements and determined what max limger length I could squeeze into the car, cut the driveshaft with a chop saw and a guy at the garage welded it up for me. Problem solved, and I have around a half inch more splines in the Tcase, without pulling it to get the driveshaft on. I think I could have made it even a bit longer without backing the tcase off. That t case is output is quite deep and the new splines go much deeper into it than the OEM ones do. I even remembered to pack the Tcase with a lot of grease.

Tomorrow I will bolt it up with a new guibo, install the two new o2 sensors on the left side exhaust (I screwed up the wires on the 20 year old OEM ones dropping the exhaust), hang the exhaust, install the radiator fill all the fluids, watch for static leaks and be ready to for first start when my DME arrives from Kassel.

I seem to recall reading that I can bleed the coolant system on the aux pumpÖcan someone confirm the procedures for me please? All I can find now are directions on how to do it with the motor running.

Itís nice to watch my pile of parts dwindle (below). The second pic is of the secondary air pump blank off plates I had made from the pipe. They were cut off, caps welded on, leak checked, and i installed them with new o rings.

You can also see in the second photo where I re-routed the cable to the jumper post. It bothered me that BMW just seemed to throw this thing on the valley, which didn't look great to me as I'm leaving the cover off the motor. I ran it up the seam on the strut tower, then up the hood channel and on the cowl over to the post. Its very long so I ended up doing a 180 and connecting it as it was originally. This also allowed me to use the OEM clamp on the cowl. I do need to add some cable clamps along its length as soon as I make sure there are no unforeseen problems with the new route.
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