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Originally Posted by Overboost View Post
I bought my barely used Panasonic Toughbook on fleaBay for $75. I use it for INPA and PA Soft 1.4 exclusively on my BMWs. That used laptop and PA Soft 1.4 is still cheaper than the Foxwell NT. Up to you.

I also own a Foxwell NT, great tool but honestly the only thing I needed it for was to reset the transfer case clutch adaptations which INPA and PA soft 1.4 couldn't do.

I just did this with ISTA on my X3. It was very surprising how easy this was.

Originally Posted by Larry200 View Post
Yes the tamper dot is on. Not a huge issue as I have the old cluster and took photos of the mileage. More a case of getting rid of the codes.
I'm really curious what codes you have. When I swapped clusters on my E53, I had codes because the IKE was configured incorrectly. It thought there was suppose to be an EGS on a manual car, as an example. Also some LCM issues arose too. I know for my case I was able to fix my issue with PA Soft and also INPA fairly well as obtaining multiple adapters under ~$30 total--granted, yes, I needed a laptop. But I already had one.

Just my 2 cents, and I know it's a sure thing for me personally.
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