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Originally Posted by X5E53John View Post
Thankyou and both sides are lower but drivers side is completely deflated passenger side is about an inch higher
And sorry but the link didnít work when i clicked on it
Thats a good point about the sensor being over rotated but how will i know how to get them to their correct point if that makes sense or should i just look into getting these calibrated?

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I have seen where one air spring is leaking and the other is good. The bad side will drop all the way down and the good side stays up. As the leak gets worse the good side will start dropping. Can take a day or more to show any good side drop but as the leak gets worse both sides will drop all the way down in a few hours.

If compressor isn't running normally calibration is not going to be of help. It doesn't take long for the compressor to go bad if it has been running constantly trying to inflate a bad air spring. In other words-- the problem may have started with a leaking air spring and now has damaged the compressor.

IMO the first step is to get the compressor running normally. Depending on the year it should come on when you open a door or when the key is turned on. Normal operation is to run until it reaches normal height. There are two fuses for the compressor if you haven't checked them.
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