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Originally Posted by bcredliner View Post
I have seen where one air spring is leaking and the other is good. The bad side will drop all the way down and the good side stays up. As the leak gets worse the good side will start dropping. Can take a day or more to show any good side drop but as the leak gets worse both sides will drop all the way down in a few hours.

If compressor isn't running normally calibration is not going to be of help. It doesn't take long for the compressor to go bad if it has been running constantly trying to inflate a bad air spring. In other words-- the problem may have started with a leaking air spring and now has damaged the compressor.

IMO the first step is to get the compressor running normally. Depending on the year it should come on when you open a door or when the key is turned on. Normal operation is to run until it reaches normal height. There are two fuses for the compressor if you haven't checked them.

Thanks for all the input and help,
My compressor no longer kicks in at all
Ot was kicking in once ignition was on but when i had the codes scanned the bloke went to calibrate the system then cancelled out of it when he noticed the air spring was flat with no air at all
Ever since the compressor has stopped working and the self level warning comes up as soon as ignition is on now.
Ive checked the fuses in the boot they seem fine is there any other fuses?
Whats your advice on getting compressor to work normally?
And its an 2002 x5 if that makes a difference

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