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Extreme cold = low oil pressure ?

So today is -23C here in montreal, i made a valve cover job a few month ago so no more oil smell since then. but today after driving a few minute a burning oil smell came... then i went home and the car suddenly shut down, i restart it and it didnt start.. i then start and press gas at same time and it start... could it be oil pressure .. or it have something to do with extreme cold ? that make something go wrong with valve cover , then oil leak, and then low oil pressure ?

EDIT: before i did the valve cover job, everytime is around -20C the car would never start , i went threw this situation a few time.. (battery wasnt the problem)

i suspect the same situation happen today... oil leak + too cold = low pressure ?

it seem like when its too cold (-20C), something blow the valve cover valve and make it leak, does it make sense ?
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