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Back together…mostly

Finished putting the beast back together yesterday, minus the cowl and the washer fluid tank as I’m till waiting for my DME to run the USPS gauntlet.

There wasn’t much left to do beyond:
- hanging the center exhaust section after installing two new O2 sensors on the left side. A pain to get it in by myself, but I worked out a system with floor jacks and wire whereby I fed the header side in above the subframe and sway bar mounts (driveshaft can be in, unlike Bentley’s guidance), got it within an inch or two of the headers, held it in place with wire on each side, jacked up the back end, got it close…rinse and repeat as many times as needed to make the connections. It’s heavy, unwieldy, and unforgiving of misalignment. New copper nuts and anti-seize all around and I plan on a final torque at the headers after a couple of heat cycles.
- installed my OEM radiator after giving it an hours long soak with Prestone cleaner. It was shockingly clean after 20 years, or I would have replaced it. In fact I wonder if I replaced it 10 years ago and have forgotten. I kept good records, but there was a period of neglect when my kids were driving the car. It looks very good for what I thought was an old radiator.
- made all the remaining hose connections to the radiator and tranny cooler, with an ample dose of dielectric grease to help the process along.
- put my OEM fan and several year old clutch back in because the one I bought from rock auto was wrong. So much for saving that buck. The clutch seemed fine and it’s easy to get to if it drops dead soon.
- did a final look at all the hoses and wires, focusing mostly on proximity to headers, etc. Most of the hose clips in the car broke long ago, so zip ties have been my friend. I have kept a mental list and plan on ordering replacement OEM pieces soon. The only hose that worries me is the rubber hose from the coolant reservoir that drops to a swedged, u-shaped hardline around near the steering rack and linkage and then goes aft to the back of the rear coolant manifold. It’s close to the left header and seems to have no clamp or other support, beyond the connections on either end. I was able to tuck it behind a piece of heat shield where it makes the turn to the manifold, but it’s a very tight squeeze to get hands in to add a clamp. I wish I would have seen this with the motor out.
- the hood is back on and the engine harness routed and reclampled in route to the computer box…just waiting for the DME. Wonder how many days overnight shipping will take this time.
- on my final look around I noticed all three bolts that hold the wiper motor assembly onto its bracket under the cowling were very loose so I cranked them back down. I forgot to put Loctite on them so I'll probably re-attack them before putting the cowl back on.
- Final job yesterday was putting the intake track back on minus the piece that goes on top of the radiator and its pipe over to the air filter box. Much easier to see leaks, etc. without this piece on. I realized that I need to put a plug on the intake box to seal off the port that the Secondary Air Pump draws air from. I ordered some large silicone caps of various sizes from amazon and will secure the 3-ish cm one that fits best with a zip tie. A rag stuffed in will do for the initial start-up.

I dumped in 2 gals of 5w30 Mobile 1 synthetic and filled the filter housing half full. It will hold several more liters but the pan is over full right now and needs to get pumped up and out before it will hold more. I added two gals of Zerex G48 through the upper radiator hose and another couple quarts to the reservoir, and will add more to the radiator directly through the upper hose connection when I bring a better funnel for this job. Power steering reservoir is full and the system needs to be exercised and bledfor it to take more.

Pics below are of the 90% solution X5 as of yesterday when I left the garage, the AN line fittings at the new gulf oil cooler (couldn't find black), and the oil cooler and lines run through the brake duct, into the engine bay and up to the cooler. I've got a couple AN line clamps to add once I observe where and how they may be rubbing. Its not the final mounting solution I think as I'll eventually fab a low-key brush bar that incorporates some protection for the cooler and some excellent vintage Hella lights a friend gave me.
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