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Unplanned maintenance

D1 - no problem. I set off the alarm accidently last week.

A8 - I noticed since last week the temp needle was cooler than normal. Even on warm days. The SES light never turned on. Is there an aftermarket cooler thermostat that works on an M54? Would an aluminum house work better? I'll probably order one from FCP. Good maintenance to replace it every few years with a lifetime warranty.

F0 - Okay, that will explain on why "Scooter" had no power temporarily. It went away. I started it up after work at home and it was gone. Since I don't know the plug mileage, I'll swap them out. I have the single prong ones recommended here.

1E - Okay, this one concerns me. Is it a coil going out? Did it detect a bad ignition condition? 152k miles is a lot of miles. The coils may be original.
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