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My DME arrived on Tuesday so yesterday I spent the day tying up loose ends and popping the computer back in.

The cowl went on after I put some orange loktite on the wiper motor bracket bolts that had backed off so badly over 20 years. The upper piece of the cowl is in pretty rough shape (part that houses the air filter) so I need to find a good used part, or spring for new. The cheap plastic fasteners are mostly broken and the flap that covers the filter is hanging on by a few molecules of plastic.

The washer reservoir went on without drama and I added a zip tie to the narrow hose that passes in front-ish of the crank pulley on its way to the right side of the radiator. There is a bracket there for a hose clamp, but it went awol.

Finally I connected the battery, bled the coolant system via the aux pump, which worked great and took maybe 10 min, and it was time to start. After just enough cranking for me to think it was going to be a long month chasing problems down, she fired up!, ran a bit rough and with lots of clattering for 10 or 20 seconds, then settled into a decent idle. I ran the rpm up to 2k for a few seconds, then shut it off for a good leak inspection. Turns out I had forgotten to tighten the oil pressure/temp sender on the housing…which is much tougher with the reservoir assembly and brackets in place. Hard lesson learned, but it got done eventually after pulling the coolant reservoir up and over.

Other then that self inflicted wound it was clean, although I must have gotten oil or anti-seize on the left header which produced lots of smoke for a while. After a top off of oil (another quart) and steering fluid it fired right up again and I alternated between idle and 2 to 3k rpm for a minute or two. The power steering pump was making a nasty racket until I went lock to lock several times. After this I torqued the exhaust header bolts to the exhaust flanges a bit more as it seemed like I could hear a slight leak and I think they drew a bit tighter. Maybe because they were getting hot. I worry about stripping those copper bolts.

After another fluid top off and leak check it was time to put the stiffener plate on and take it around the block. The motor sounds great and the X5 drives wonderfully after all the new parts I threw at it. The steering feel over bumps is much better, but not OEM nice so in addition to the tension struts I replaced I think new control arms are in order too. The steering wheel makes a pronounced clunk at times when turned, which had been there but seems to be worse. I suspect the double joint or bushings, etc at the firewall.

I drove it home yesterday where it promptly popped the upper hose off the radiator (installer in a rush I guess) and dumped a gallon on my driveway, but other than that did great. My oil cooler was toasty warm after the trip so it’s nice to know that piece is working.

Next week I’ll get it on the lift for a thorough leak and re-torque check and pending any drama, a final close up. I’m planning on 1000 mi on the oil that is in it now, then a change and the shackles are off!

Issues I’m monitoring/working are:
- bolts holding the oil sender into the lower oil pan seem to be weeping oil a very tiny bit so I may put some thread sealant on them if it keeps up.
- SES light and a bunch of codes. A full reset resulted in the light again but only a couple codes, one being related to the “intake flap…” and the other to the secondary air pump valve. No idea what the former is, but the second one should have been taken care of with my reprogrammed DME.
- I sense a very slight vibration around 60 or 70, which could be the driveshaft with the new splines. Or it could be a wheel balance issue, but I don’t feel it in the steering wheel. Very slight so more trouble shooting is in order and some research on where I might be able to get the shaft balanced. The one driveshaft shop left in New Orleans wouldn’t touch a BMW piece.

I’m hopeful that my last parts order of stiffener bolts/nuts and control arms is in sight, before I turn my attention to the speakers, amp, headliner and other interior reconditioning concerns. I also need to get the plug/coil covers cleaned up and painted.
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