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Originally Posted by AV8R4AA View Post
Well, that was a complete bust.
I got the module back (which they say
They overhauled it and found problems)
I installed the module and started engine.
Hooray, no dash lights!!!!!!!
So I’m out burning 93 octane fuel and trying out
My newly installed Factory Bluetooth system.
So excited that the trifecta is finally gone.

I’m so happy I pull into my favorite service center for a state inspection.
All my gear head bros are admiring the rare Imola red 4.6is X5.

The lady inspector asks how long those dash lights have been on.
Sure enough, back to the G.D. Trifecta. Complete fail on state inspection.
And total embarrassment in front of my friends.

I called Module Masters back. They needed the codes from the scan.
When it was sent in, it had 1….now it has 3.

The technician tells me that when the code is return hydraulic pump…
He has NEVER been able to fix that….WTF.

I bought some POS from a junkyard dawg. At least the model numbers match.

So damn frustrating!!!!!!
That really sucks. So the code is coming back as the pump.... why would would it be the module?

Well, you have the junk yard one now. Guess you'll see if you get the same results or not.
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