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Originally Posted by Clavurion View Post
Codes for too low resistance are usually caused by the connector locking part which should separate the shorting pins on the airbag side connector.
I checked all connectors, all seems good.
I measured resistance on all connectors, it's around 2.5 ohm on each connector with car off, key out of ignition.
I disconnected driver side door airbag and the error from that airbag changed from resistance too low to resistance too high. I tried connecting passenger side airbag which did not have any errors on driver's side. Error stayed "resistance too high*. I reconnected the original airbag and it read "resistance too low" again.
Now I wish I could measure resistance on both airbags to see what's the difference.
I dont know if driver side airbag is bad or what.
I heard the problem can be airbag module or battery safety terminal.
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