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Also anecdotal---It has been quite different for our family. We are all vaccinated and boosted. None of us has had COVID. We minimize the times we are all together and when we do we usually get tested prior. We follow the guidelines of wearing masks when we should and social distancing. All of us minimize social activities. One important reason we are so careful is the number of instances that COVID has caused longterm, even permanent problems after being infected.
We all have good insurance coverage. I can't imagine the hospital bills the uninsured are facing. I wonder what anti vaccination parents tell their children when they come home from school asking to be vaccinated.

Over 300,000 have died and there's no one that has wantonly contributed? It's no wonder that when there is a good samaritan that risks their life for a stranger that it makes headline news. This didn't have to happen. When our grandchildren read about the pandemic they will be asking how stupid could we be? It was preventable and we chose political alignment our right to refuse to be vaccinated over our safety and health? We choose our political party based on how it matches our beliefs as to what is best for our country but we choose not to get vaccinated because it is not good for the country?

Vaccinations do prevent getting COVID. There are breakthrough cases but the percent is very small. There is no logic based on not being vaccinated because we will be infected anyway. That's not true.
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