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picked up a LeMans blue from auction..

Look what I found on copart yesterday.. 2004 4.8is with approx 160k miles (based on carfax). came out to about $2k delivered after fees

2 owner, no accidents. local NW vehicle. 39 service records, mostly from BMW Seattle. unknown running condition. carfax says it was stolen 11/2021, insurance paid out, recovered 12/2021.

from the pics the exterior looked decent, and sport cloth interior had it towed today to my place. just took a quick look around before i went to work. interior is trashed. battery is dead. 2/4 doors wont open. exterior looks decent, no major flaws. aftermarket double din, amp missing in the back.

the good news: engine has oil, looks clean.

weird news: found some interesting items inside from "previous owner" (crack head starter kit).

interior needs a deep clean. battery is on a charger. if it runs, going to restore it. if it ends up being a dumpster fire going to part it out.

let me know what you guys think
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