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Thanks RocketyMan.

Sadly, my car doesn't have an external amp. This is the very bottom end unit. Even below the base "hi-fi" which is the default in most of the world!

I think because of Australia's bullshit car luxury tax, they stripped out a lot of things to get it down to a price point.

In my cupboard I have an Alpine PXA-H800 processor which will do automatic sound correction (like Audessy) etc. That would be an ideal option.

I'm preferring to get a digital bitstream somewhere to feed the processor stream, rather than head unit converting to analog, through its crossover to it's internal amps out to the speakers, and trying to then take that speaker level signal back through Analog-Digital->processor->Digital-Analog->amp-speakers.

Thanks for the diagrams. I wonder if those outputs to the amp (RadLV+, RadLV- etc) are enabled if you only have the base system, or if you need to have your VO changed/ head unit coded?

I also wonder if they are differential line level signals?

If nobody knows, I can dig out my Oscilloscope on the weekend...
If they are line level signals (differential or not) that would solve my problem I think..

Thanks heaps ..

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