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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
You know, you make a great point! [emoji106]

It takes the “large feel” (weight) of the X out of the clutch engagement from a dead stop. And it does really help on inclines, even when not towing.

I can grab the clutch at 1000 rpm’s easily, and get’er to 4 grand quick! Not bad for a vehicle that weighs over 2 ton. I’ve always felt, that the manual E53’s are geared perfectly.

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ReVELaTiON 22:21
Yes. The X5 requires a little bit of an adjustment to your shift cadence, but the reward is far better performance off the line than we have a right to expect from so little power pulling so much weight. It's tough to make that adjustment in a quick drive (and made worse by the low rev limit in 1st).
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